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Moving Camo beyond The Great Outdoors!

  • With the introduction of Longleaf Urban Camo™, camo is no longer limited to outdoor sports or the military.
  • For more than 15 years, Longleaf Camo™ has delivered realistic detail, high definition, and depth-of-field designs for sports men and women.
  • Now, Longleaf applies its expertise in layering, vector graphics, digital imaging and more to create a new design category – Longleaf Urban Camo™.
  • Longleaf Urban Camo™ fuses the textures, hues, and images of urban life into a vibrant new range of patterns.
  • These digital designs represent an entirely original vision for how urban dwellers can Stand Out While Blending In with the skyscrapers, concrete, signage, graffiti, lights, and even potholes that define city life.

Taking Camo To The Streets

Tube Map
Birds Eye Map
City Streets
Digital Cityscape


City Windows

Window Reflections

Isometric Buildings

Downtown Retro Taxi

Urban Trash
Urban Architecture
Blurred Lights
Distant City
Digital Asphalt
Brick and Concrete
Global Grit